Who: All South Meadows HOA Members

Where: South Meadows Pool

When: Tuesday, Sept 10, 2019 at 7pm

The agenda will include election of three HOA Board of Directors positions; SMHOA Board annual review; financial report; and information about increasing HOA dues 5% annually for the next three years.

Please bring a chair.  If you are interested in running for the board, please contact Pat Scharling : patriciasharling@gmail.com



New Pool Access System

Hello South Meadows, Spring is a great time of the year, and it’s a busy time for South Meadows and your HOA Board as we prepare to open the pool for the 2019 season. Electronic access to the gate at the pool has been updated with a modern system that will provide service for years to come. The plastic electronic key cards we’ve all had for years will no longer work at the pool. Details of the new service are addressed in frequently asked questions below.

First things first: What’s important to SMHOA members is how each of us can obtain an electronic fob to access the pool. There are two important dates to help make that happen: April 20 and May 4. April 20: While the annual Easter Egg Hunt is held at the playground area behind the pool from 10:30 a.m. to noon, SMHOA Board members will be at the pool to issue individual fobs to each qualifying homeowner. May 4: The first Saturday in May is when the pool traditionally opens for the season. SMHOA Board members will be at the pool all day to issue electronic fobs.

If you can’t make either of those dates/events, Pool Committee Chairman Jeff Bips can make arrangements with individuals to issue the electronic fobs. Contact him via private message on NextDoor or email jbips3@gmail.com. Please refer to the South Meadows Pool Rules for general information. This new system provides South Meadows with the security of knowing exactly who has access to the pool and provides us multiple means of controlling access by time of day and by electronically recording each time a fob is used to open the pool gate. Fobs can be programmed or de-programmed remotely.

Now for some FAQs:

Who is eligible? South Meadows homeowners in good standing (i.e., up-to-date on dues payments) will be issued one electronic pool gate fob per household.

How can renters get a fob? Renters are qualifying residents who must receive permission from their respective South Meadows homeowner(s) to use the pool.

Can I get more than one fob? No. These electronic fobs are programmed to individual homeowners’ addresses. For security and insurance purposes, only one fob can be issued per household.

What if I lose my fob? To prevent unauthorized access to the pool, please report any lost/stolen fobs immediately. Replacement fobs can be purchased for $25 from the Pool Committee (see information for Jeff Bips above). The lost fob will be electronically disabled before a new fob is issued.

Does the fob give me 24/7 access to the pool? No. This new system allows us to program pool access to coincide with regular pool hours. Pool hours are 7 a.m. to sunset each day (as dictated by SCDHEC). Fobs will be able to open the gate only during those hours.

What’s a fob? Fobs are black, tear-drop shaped cylinders of plastic about the size of a large paperclip. They have a round hole on one end in which to insert a key ring (highly recommended). Users would extend the fob out to the electronic pad at the pool gate, which triggers the lock to open. Fobs are waterproof.

What if I find a fob? Please turn in any fob you might find. Fobs can be electronically scanned and returned to their rightful owner(s). I’m sure there will be more questions. Please use the “reply” mechanism on this NextDoor message so everyone can see your questions and responses to them. For personal matters, feel free to send a private message.

Wishing everyone a happy, safe spring and a great season at the South Meadows Pool!

Burt Carey President, South Meadows HOA

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